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Fashion Jewelry CSR Pilot Program

The FJATA CSR Committees and Sumerra are Pushing Full Steam Ahead

The FJATA Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative is aggressively pursuing a final audit tool for fashion jewelry and accessories CSR audit programs, one that will reduce audit fatigue and save time and money.With partner Sumerra, the CSR Task Force and Outreach Committee are nearing the final stages of their work. We are not the first to develop a social compliance industry standard. The Toy and Apparel industries have produced audit tools & protocols that match their respective industry’s needs (see FJATA CSR Whitepaper).

There are two essential components that will make the FJATA CSR Initiative a success:

  1. The design of the audit tool is fully comprehensive, and will meet or exceed existing audit standards; and
  2. Improved audit efficiency will promote widespread acceptance.
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If your company is involved in regular CSR audit programming, you will want to be involved in this initiative. Sumerra is currently accepting applications from companies to be a part of the pilot program. To get started, contact FJATA@Sumerra.com.
Watch the July 29 FJATA / Sumerra CSR Webinar Visit the Complete CSR Archived Media Page
Scroll down to read the detailed Q & A for the CSR Initiative and Task Force


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