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Thank you for your interest in the Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Trade Association (FJATA)

FJATA was formed to promote and protect the interest of suppliers and retailers offering fashion jewelry to the public. The association is a not for profit corporation, member owned and was formed in 2005.

As of December 2008 we have achieved a national standard for the lead and phthalate content in children’s jewelry as set in HR 4040 that was signed into law in August 2008. Children are defined as age 12 and younger. There are various state standards for adult jewelry as well.

Many questions remain unanswered to achieve compliance with this law. FJATA is working closely with the Consumer Products Safety Commission on exemptions for certain materials as well as testing and certification procedures as required by the new law.

This law preempts states or cities from setting different standards for covered products unless they petition for an exemption and their petition is approved.

The goal for FJATA is to protect the public safety while protecting the industry’s ability to conduct business. This effort is expensive. We retain scientific and legal experts and travel to meet with federal and state officials to testify at committee hearings, inform regulators about the safety of today’ jewelry and avoid warning labels and other discouragements to the public’s perception of jewelry. The cost of achieving children’s and adult jewelry standards in California approached two million dollars.

In order for the fashion jewelry industry to make its voice heard by lawmakers and regulators, the industry must support the voice of the industry, FJATA. If many firms join, the cost to each will be minimal. It is important for us to be able tell decision makers that we represent most of the industry. When we testify, the number of members we represent becomes very important.

In addition to our legislative efforts, FJATA provides members with discounts on product testing and test equipment. Members receive a monthly newsletter and immediate bulletins about matters impacting their business. We offer a no charge consulting service to members.

Please click here for a membership application.

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