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Letter from the Executive Director

brent-dr-bord-150We are enduring a tidal wave of regulation running rampant during an administration that continues to show a lack of leadership and a lack of commitment from our legislators to address serious business concerns. Congress remains insensitive to business needs, while state legislators continue to needlessly regulate safe products.

FJATA took on cadmium several years ago and in the past two years there has not been a single cadmium law enacted. In fact, we were successful in postponing the effective date of the Connecticut law two years while we continue to fight for its ultimate repeal and the enactment of the ASTM standard based legislation.

All this said, we spearheaded the ASTM effort to develop sensible standards for both adult and children’s jewelry that are being recognized internationally as the most comprehensive, health protective standards anywhere. The children’s standard has become law in Rhode Island and we are actively seeking its adoption in other key states and internationally.

We have been successful in limiting purely sensational news stories from appearing because we demand to know the sources of their information and question its authenticity while we flood the author with the real evidence and science. We make AP reporters accountable.

Our mission is to be the voice of the jewelry and accessories industries; to be your voice in legislative and regulatory arenas. The end game is global harmonization, and we will not stop. Our governments are burdening our industry because they have no idea what we do or how we do it. My job is to tell them.

What are we doing? We educate legislators about science-based standards, testify before legislative committees, fight bad bills, and promote good bills. We also educate our members how to comply without going to the poorhouse, and give them the tools they need to compete. After all, you need to comply with Prop 65, cadmium limits, toxic chemical bills, SEC conflict minerals and diamonds, CBP protocols, FTC guidelines, and CPSIA to name a few.

I ask you to join this fight and serve your industry, positively affecting your future. Join your peers and join FJATA.

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