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Membership Benefits

• Access to information that is critical to operating your business in today’s legal and regulatory environment, including legislative and regulatory briefings, technical information, public relations counsel and analysis.

• Assistance in avoiding duplication of Social Compliance audits often required by major retailers, thus minimizing or even eliminating the expense for these audits that our members otherwise must bear.

• The “Members Only” section of our website provides exclusive access to the latest information on vital issues, as well as our monthly newsletter, legislative summaries, and other developments that can affect your company.

• Consulting services upon request on legislative and regulatory issues as well as many business matters.

• Other programs and services are currently in the works for members, such as freight discounts for imports and domestic shipments, discounts for lab testing and testing equipment.

We urge you to join FJATA…your participation is crucial! The collective voices of retailers, importers, suppliers and wholesalers are loudest when spoken in unison and a large membership roster is critical to demonstrate to the legislative and regulatory bodies that FJATA is THE voice of the industry. Add your voice to that collective today by becoming a member of the Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Trade Association.

Please click here for a membership application.

For additional information, contact:
Brent Cleaveland
Executive Director

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