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From the Director Intro

We are excited about the future.  Still on track with our long term plan, we are keeping our eyes on the prize.  We answered the public concerns, commissioned the science, developed the standard, received CPSC approval, passed a law, gained national and international recognition, and produced a video to tell our story.  View video.

All that being said we are making plans to kick into high gear.  We have developed the baseline from which we will build support to repeal laws in states that have existing outdated regulation on the books and continue to look for solutions to resolve the Prop 65 issue.  In the meantime, we are able to provide our members with a very valuable benefit, Prop 65 Insurance!  This policy will protect you from having to make payments in settlement of a 60-day notice, all at an affordable price.  This is BIG!

Over the coming weeks our board will be working on our legislative agenda for 2013.  We need to carefully pick our objectives to efficiently utilize our resources.  From state issues to federal preemption, there is much work to do.

Our members represent a significant group of industry leaders collectively shaping our future.  I urge you to join your peers and join FJATA.

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