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FJATA Forums Intro

FJATA Forums are areas where FJATA members can discuss anything related to industry methods or questions. Two forums are in place presently: if you have an idea for a new forum, suggest it!

  • M2M Chat – Benefit from FJATA Members industry knowledge and expertise: FJATA Members-Only Content
  • Jewelry Business Opportunities – Anyone who has a need to purchase or offer a jewelry product or service may use this forum to inform others: All can post a comment.

You will need to click on the Jewelry Business Opprotunity Forum link to be able to post a New Topic. Non-members use this form for comments of any type.

Some key aspects of the Forums:

  • Collaboration
  • Share Information and Knowledge
  • Discuss Industry Issues
  • Problem-Solving
  • Share Product Offerings
  • Find Interested Buyers
  • Receive Advance Notice of Promotional Offerings

If you are part of a FJATA member company but do not have login information, contact support for a username and password. Join the forum today by submitting a comment.

Clicking on any Blue Talk Bubbles image or the FJATA Forums menu item will take you directly to the forum posts and replies page without this introductory information.

You may edit your Display Name, Password, and Notification Preferences on your Profile Edit page.

You also may select your own Custom Avatar.

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