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Fashion Jewelry CSR: Simplified

The FJATA CSR Audit Tool is a collaboration between FJATA, through its Corporate Social Compliance (CSR) Committee and global audit firm, Sumerra. The Committee and Sumerra staff have held numerous conference calls and have used every means to gather every piece of information necessary to make the FJATA Audit Tool fully comprehensive: a tool that all retailers will be able to review and adopt as their accepted format.

The toy, apparel, and fast-moving consumer goods industries have each developed industry-specific audit methods for their product categories, all designed to streamline a necessary process, ensuring worker safety and human rights in domestic and international supplier factories. The fashion jewelry audit format is a project whose time has not only come, but is nearing completion and readiness for use in factories around the world.

Use any of our resources links, the “Register” or “Stay Informed” applications in the top menu, or contact FJATA to get in the loop of one of the biggest things to happen to fashion jewelry in some time. Our CSR Audit Tool promises to reduce costs stemming from too-frequent audits and the headaches of “audit fatigue”. Compliant factories should expect to undergo audits no more than once per year (from participating company requests) because of the new tool.

“The FJATA CSR committee is the result of recognizing an opportunity to address a shared industry problem with a shared and effective industry solution.”

David Newman
VP Operations Carolee
CSR Committee Chair

The CSR Outreach Committee is tasked with securing corporate sponsors for the advertising campaign that will drive the FJATA / Sumerra Corporate Social Compliance Audit to near universal acceptance. Sponsorship includes a major promotional brand display in several major magazines. Find out more by emailing FJATA Executive Director, Brent Cleaveland.
Silver Sponsor $2500
Gold Sponsor $5000

Read the Accessories Magazine article on the joint effort from FJATA & Sumerra to create the 1st harmonized fashion jewelry and accessories corporate social responsibility audit format ever.

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